Impossible Lamp by Jeeves Basu
Impossible Lamp is a lamp made of wax that works without melting

The Film

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About Impossible Lamp
Switch on a lamp made of wax and it should melt and disintegrate in seconds.
But due to the unique way it has been designed, the Impossible Lamp does not.
It is a lamp made of wax that works without melting.

Impossible Lamp is an experiment in form.
It looks to question the value we place on the everyday objects around us.
It is demonstrated through a simple change in form.
A transformation that turns a utilitarian single-use item (candle) into something both beautiful and everlasting (wax lamp).

Impossible Lamp is made from pure wax.
Which sits on an ultra heat-resistant template structure.
It is powered by a liquid-cooled LED bulb.
And the lamp is mounted on a premium plated cast brass two-tone satin and polished gold base.

Concept & Direction Jeeves Basu
Filming James Lowrey & Chris Reed @ Fallon Film
Photography James Lowrey
Editing Jeeves Basu, James Lowrey and Chris Reed
Gun operators Jeeves Basu & John-Paul Jones
Sound design Michael Manning, Danny Duff and Adam Ward @ Grandbrother
Illustrator Michele Angelo @ Superexpresso

My name is Jeeves.
I studied Economics at University. Did a postgrad at Watford.
And now work as a Creative at an ad agency.
I work across advertising, design and products.
I have previously worked at Fallon London and The Brooklyn Brothers.
And currently work for Saint London.
I like to make things. Impossible Lamp is one of those things.

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Only three lamps will be made available for purchase worldwide.
Each a completely unique piece - hand made, signed and complete with a certificate.
Currently accepting offers.
Contact us for more information

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